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KC Disposal for years has been considered the finest, most responsive waste disposal service company in Northwest Florida. When you call KC Disposal, you can always be greeted with a friendly voice, an experienced expert in waste disposal, and one who will help you control costs so that you do not spend a dime more than you need to.

We Offer The Best Dumpster Service In Northwest Florida

We will provide you with the proper direction in what we can do to help you in your disposal needs. We want your waste disposal experience to be hassle-free!

Consider Your Waste Disposal Taken Care Of

As in all waste removal situations, common sense says that you cannot throw the following things in a dumpster:


- Chemicals

- Cleaning Products

- Car, Truck SUV and Boat Tires

- Car Parts

- Propane Tanks

- Paint Cans

- Gas Cans

- Electronic Televisions, Computers, Monitors, Printers, etc.

- Appliances with Freon, Air Conditioners and Refrigerators

- Acid Batteries

- Liquids or Sludge

- Used Oil

- Regulated Asbestos

- Mercury Containing Lamps

- PCB’s

- Lead


Just about everything else is ok to dispose of: construction materials, roofing materials, furniture, bicycles, clothes, toys, boxes, demolition debris, Styrofoam, wood, glass, etc.  


KC Disposal offers you 100% transparency in our prices. Many companies unlike KC Disposal have hidden charges which may catch you off-guard and raise the cost of your waste disposal. When you deal with KC Disposal, you deal with a company of integrity, honesty and professionalism.

What You Can And Can't Throw Away

When you deal with KC Disposal, you deal with a company of integrity, honesty and professionalism.  

Always be satisfied with our excellent customer service.


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KC Disposal provides roll-off services in Panama City, Panama City Beach,  Lynn Haven, Parker, Callaway, Youngstown, Southport, Fountain, Springfield and ALL Bay County surrounding areas.

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